I received this message on Facebook:


Super important favor for a friend: Jen Randles is a kind and loving woman who survived a huge tragedy already and as a result, she and her husband were left to raise their grandchild Alex, who is nine years old. Jen has been bravely fighting cancer and now has had to start treatment for brain lesions. She is in pain physically, but perhaps her greatest pain comes from watching Alex become more and more afraid watching her suffer.

I asked Jen and she gave me permission to start a "JOKE FOR JEN" campaign. If we could send Alex a card with our silliest joke, he could feel that he has a role in cheering her up by reading them to her. Alex has survived horrors no child should know and Jen is his safe haven. Give me a hand in making a difference here, please. Send your silliest joke, or any funny sayings, remember the point is for him to make her laugh, and REMEMBER HE IS ONLY 9!


Thank you!!!