Meet the Man Who's Kept Every One of His Nail Clippings Since 1978

It hasn't always been . . . his ex-wife used to make him keep it hidden.  That's right . . . ex-wife.  Wonder what drove them apart.




A Man Gets Evicted Because His Sex Swing Is Too Squeaky

His neighbors kept complaining about, quote, "sexual, athletic, and squeaking noises" coming from his apartment all through the night.




A Babysitter Is So Sick of the "Disrespectful" Kids She's Watching, She Sets Their House on Fire

A security camera caught her breaking into the house . . . then leaving about 20 minutes later. 



A Guy Fakes a Kidnapping . . . Because He Wants to Stay Out Partying Later

Eventually they found him at a house party, and he was fined for wasting police time.