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Queen's Brian May says the late Everly Brothers singer Phil Everly was "magical."  In a lengthy "Bri's Soapbox" post the rocker shares just how much the Everly Brothers mean to him.  He admits that with Phil's death he feels like "a huge piece" of his youth "just melted away," because he "loved, loved those guys," and still does. 

May explains that he learned how to play rhythm guitar from listening to Everly Brothers record, along with "how two-part harmonies work."  He adds that "you'll find echoes of their influence" in a lot of Queen music, which he believes is perhaps "the best tribute."  Brian adds that his recollections of Everly Brothers songs are among his "most treasured memories." 

While May also regrets that he never got the chance to meet the Everly Brothers, The Zombies' Rod Argent says performing once with Phil was a moment he'll always cherish.  He recalls in a Facebook post that he agreed to accompany another artist in performing "Let It Be Me" on a TV show, and it caught Phil's attention.  Argent admits he was "in HEAVEN" when Phil asked to play it with him. 

The Who and Megadeth's Dave Mustaine are some of the others who have shared their sadness over Everly's death on social media. 

Phil Everly died on Friday of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.  He was 74.

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