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Posted August 18th, 2013 @ 11:00pm by Sam Dysart

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Get ready to hear some dirty comedy all week long at the :20 minute mark every hour because Bob Saget is our Comic of the Week! Not only will you hear the dark humor of Saget all week, but also it’s brand new material. He just released his special That’s What I’m Talking About nearly eight years after debuting his special That Ain’t Right in 2007.

Now, you obviously are familiar with Saget’s roles on television; Danny Tanner from Full House being the most prominent one, but he also hosted Americas Funniest Home Videos for a number of years. With these roles under his belt, he quickly gained a persona of a classic friendly father figure that all men should strive to become and all boys should look up to.

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Yeah, well, if you’ve ever heard Saget perform stand-up comedy, he sheds that layer of prejudice after the first sentence. He is a comic that brings the dark side to the stage and is not afraid to take a joke way, way over the edge. Saget brings this approach to the stage and absolutely lets loose his vulgar, dirty style in That’s What I’m Talking About.

His quick tongue and jerky tone provide non-stop laughs for this nearly one-hour long special. Plus, to make the sick jokes he is telling even more hilarious, all you have to do is close your eyes and remember that the once “father figure” of America is saying these crude, but eye-watering stories.

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These stories range from how it was his dad telling him even more nasty jokes when he was just 11-years-old that made him turn out the way he is and secret raunchy tales of nights out with his cast members Dave Coulier and John Stamos from Full House. Of course, there are plenty of inappropriate jokes about body parts, bodily functions, and just over-all creepy, messed up thinking, but it’s just something you can’t help but laugh at because it is the Bob Saget saying these words.

So tune in every hour at the :20 minute mark on iHeartRadio or on any radio to hear the downright hilarious stories of Bob Saget

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