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The hilarious stand-up comedian and actor Sinbad (born David Adkins) is our awesome Guest Host this week! Sinbad has been doing comedy for decades and has not-stopped making people laugh, whether it be on the stage at a local comedy club, recording a special in front of a huge audience, or filming a movie, Sinbad has kept the laughs coming for years.

So with all that comedy under his belt, we are beyond excited to be focusing on his approach to making an audience fall out of their seat with hysterical laughter. Adkins chose the stage name Sinbad after admiration of Sinbad the Sailor; the popular fictional sailor that goes on mystical adventures out at sea.

He also chose it to stand out among the other entertainers and it seems to have definitely stuck. Sinbad has recorded specials on HBO and has starred in movies such as Necessary Roughness, Houseguest, First Kid, Jingle All The Way, and Good Burger. He’s also been apart of the television shows starting in the late 80’s with a The Cosby Show spin-off entitled A Different World.

After the success of this creative spin-off, Sinbad got the green-light from Fox to start The Sinbad Show in which Sinbad portrayed a 35-year-old bachelor who decides to become a foster parent. After this show he spent his career making numerous appearances throughout a number of different shows as well as films.

His most recent appearance has been his voice work in the upcoming animated movie Planes, which takes place in the same world as the animated movie Cars, just in the air, of course. So be sure and go see Planes in theaters August 9 and tune in on iHeartradio or any radio to hear the comedy style of Sinbad all week long at the :45 minute mark!