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Egad! THE Kurt Braunohler as our Guest Host!? No way!? Yes, way…in fact…it’s as yes, way as you can get…so believe it. Braunohler is indeed our Guest Host and we are super excited to be playing gut-busting bits of hilarity off of his new album How Do I Land?, which is to debut August 20, 2013.

Braunohler is one of those comedians that has tons of energy and never seems to run out of it throughout the entire length of his performance. He tends to focus on absurdist commentary from a weird point-of-view and basically messing with people is his favorite thing to do as he derives a lot of his stories from his goofy antics around people.

He has performed on numerous stages such as Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and Chicago, HBO US Comedy Arts Festival, New York Comedy Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival, and has once performed at Radio City Music Hall.

Braunohler also makes people laugh off the stage, as he is the host of his very own podcast The K Ohler with Kurt Braunohler on the Nerdist network. He also previously hosted IFC’s improvisational comedy game show Bunk. He and his comedy partner, Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords), work on projects together that include their popular web-series, Penelope: Princess of Pets as well as hosting the NYC variety show Hot Tub for the past seven years.

Braunohler is one of the better comedians around today and will most definitely be noticed after his first album comes out. His upbeat sense of humor and clever commentary will carry him on to a successful career. So be sure and catch a rising star by listening on iHeartRadio or on the radio and on our website, every hour, at the :45 minute mark!