Dana Gould, the comedian and writer best known for his work on the hit TV show "The Simpsons," left that comfortable job to pursue his first love: stand-up comedy. In his highly anticipated special "I Know It's Wrong," 

Gould takes on the absurdities of modern life through his pop-culture obsessed lens. There's no middle-ground when it comes to the blaring, unapologetic, and off-the-wall funny special. Dana Gould has arrived, and the stand-up world is all the richer for it, in this special taped at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA. 

Dana started performing stand-up at the tender age of seventeen in Boston’s now-legendary Ding Ho Comedy Club. Cutting his teeth in the hotbed of Boston’s comedy scene during the height of the eighties comedy boom allowed Dana to rise quickly through the stand-up ranks. By the end of the decade, though still in his early twenties, he had relocated to San Francisco and was touring the country extensively. 

He arrived in Los Angeles in the early nineties where, along with friends Janeane Garafalo, Kathy Griffin, Jeff Garlin, Bob Odenkirk and others, Dana took part in what would later be known as the “alternative comedy scene” – taking stand-up out of comedy clubs and into more intimate venues; cafes, bookstores, etc., performing a more free-form, personal style of stand-up. This attitude (if not this social group) would later coalesce into "The Ben Stiller Show," upon which Dana made several appearance and was a regular contributor. He spent the rest of that decade writing and performing in several of his own cable specials (one for Showtime, two for HBO) and appearing on countless late night talk shows. Additionally, he appeared in several films and several more sit-coms (most notably as ‘Fragile’ Frankie Merman, “the summer George” on Seinfeld). In 2000, Dana began a seven-year writing stint on The Simpsons, where he eventually graduated to co-executive producer and took home two Emmys, leaving in 2007 to concentrate on screenwriting and a more active stand-up schedule than his Simpsons responsibilities allowed. In 2009, Showtime aired his new special, "Let Me Put My Thoughts In You," directed by his old "Ben Stiller Show" cohort, Odenkirk. 

Dana then returned to television, writing and starring in the Warner Brothers / ABC pilot “Nolan Knows Best” with Brian Dennehy. Though the pilot did not go to series, it led to his current project, “Dischord”, a pilot for the F/x network produced with Foo Fighter’s frontman Dave Grohl. He also took a straight acting role as a police detective in post World War II Los Angeles in writer-director Frank Darabont’s LA NOIR. 

Still gaining new fans thanks to his frequent appearances on The Adam Carolla Show, where his Huell Howser impression has become something of a cult favorite, Dana launched his own podcast, The Dana Gould Hour, in 2012. Premiering to glowing reviews, each episode is based on a specific theme and combines pre-taped segments with a recurring round table of guests.