When Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) himself made the pilgrimage to see him live at Caroline’s in New York City, Phillips had no idea who Plant was!  But does anyone really know Emo?  Hoping to somehow unearth guarded veil behind him, 24/7 Comedy is turning over the microphone to none other than Emo Phillips himself.  Paired with the crème de la crème of his stand-up comedy bits you can hear the custom-tailored “A Very Emo Halloween” courtesy of the master himself around 45 minutes past the hour all Halloween week! 

Hailing from Downer’s Grove, a suburb of Chicago with notable residents such as Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy and Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Phillips found himself climbing the ranks of the stand-up ladder. He eventually found himself staring into the lens of a camera on the Late Show with David Letterman where he made an unforgettable impression on Letterman himself who would go on to invite Phillips to return time and again to perform. 

Emo Phillips is currently touring and setting attendance records at comedy clubs across the globe.  It is true what they say; comedians only get better with age.  Do yourself a favor and listen to the mystifying Emo Phillips as he Hosts “A Very Emo Halloween” Halloween week on 24/7 Comedy!  Not in a city where you can pick up 24/7 Comedy?  No problem!  They are available as the #1 most listened to channel on Clear Channel’s iHeart Radio app as well as 247comedy.com.